How to connect Bluetooth speakers to Laptop?

We can perfectly enjoy videos and movies when they play in full clarity as well as full sound. No doubt, if you play video or movie on laptops, then it can’t provide you high quality loud sound. It plays best only in the small and quiet rooms. But to enjoy video and movies there is a high quality of sound.

If you want then it is very easy to play video or movie on a full-fledged audio system on a laptop. Yes, it is right. Laptops also provide you a full-fledged audio system. To play full-fledged audio systems on laptops you need to connect with Bluetooth speakers. Yes, you can control this situation with Bluetooth speakers.

But some people do not know how to connect with Bluetooth speakers. There are some steps with the help of the people can connect with the Bluetooth speakers:

·       Go to the ‘Start’ button.

·       Click on ‘Settings’.

·       Click on the ‘System’ option.

·       A dialog box appears, on the left side select ‘Sound’ option.

·       Find in the category ‘Bluetooth and other devices’.

·       Turn on Bluetooth and add a device.

·       Turn on the Bluetooth column and select the pairing mode. (Wait for the speaker to appear among the detected devices)

·       Click on Synchronize.

Then you are able to connect with Bluetooth speakers.


These steps work only when the laptop must have a Bluetooth module. If there is no Bluetooth module in the laptop then you can connect with the help of a USB adapter. If you don’t also have a USB adapter then it can’t be possible to connect with Bluetooth speakers.


To connect with Bluetooth speakers is a great opportunity for you to fully enjoy movies, videos or songs. It is one of the modifications of laptops. You can use the Bluetooth speakers and detect the demerit of laptops that are not providing proper sound. By using Bluetooth speakers you can take advantage of proper sound. 

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