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Prime Video is an Amazon company. We also know Prime Video as Amazon Prime Video. Prime Video was first launched on 14 December 2016, after that Prime Video has had 26 million subscribers so far. Most prime videos are seen in India. To use it, you have to spend ₹129 per month and if you want to see it without any interruption for one year, then you have to pay ₹999 for 1 year. You will find a lot of good and banging shows on Prime Video. Recently, Amazon Prime Video has released a list of some latest and upcoming shows, you will read about it in this article. Here is the complete detail of Amazon latest releases

Babylon 5

Babylon 5 is the latest TV science narrative straightforward from the ’90s. The present, which producer J. Michael Straczynski mentioned as a “novel for TV,” will release soon wherein Earth has united below one specialist. It also establishes a connection with several spacefaring alien classes.

Battlestar Galactica

With the credit of Westworld and People, and successfully, real-life, AI dramas are at the instant the place it’s at. Ronald D. Moore’s stylish take on Battlestar Galactica, although, precedes all of them. You can also watch all four periods of the place thriller plus the prologue to stream. You can also rewatch the gesture images and TV shows.


This sci-fi party-political Mockery might have been negated after one season.  But it was warmly welcomed through its short-lived time on CBS. However, it has a lot to stream sci-fi factions.

The Boys

We know that it will always remain a live-action superhero Amazon Reliable on Amazon Prime. When Amazon chose to cancel their (delightful) The Tick after two spells. Moreover, they forwarded and presented The Boys into the fold. And it is practical as The Boys is mostly a dimmer Tick.


HBO’s Carnivale is complete through the Nice Despair and Mud Bowl. It is essentially the tale of outstanding vs. wicked set between the backgrounds of a touring festival.


The time journey and terrorism combination in the Canadian sci-fi group is Continuum.  It was sketched to an end in 2015 after four spells. The final six-episode run yet, at the very smallest, knew it was the upper, so infolded up the hard action-adventure tale gratifyingly.


SyFy’s Defiance did not have the money to produce and identify enormous worlds. So as another, it just changes Earth into its particular science fiction universe.

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