Best Android Launcher of 2020

Launchers give your phone unique and rich look. With the help of launchers application you can customize your smartphone’s home screen and interface with minimal effort. You can customize icons, wallpapers, ringtones and notification area with Android launcher. Android launcher gives your smartphone a refresh and improve look.

In this article, We are going to tell you about Top 5 best Android Launcher of 2020. So lets check these Android launchers.

No. 1 Microsoft Launcher

Following the disappointment of Windows Phone, it might appear to be odd that Microsoft looked to make programming for the working arrangement of its most outstanding opponent. In any case, the subsequent exertion is perhaps the best launcher accessible for Android.

Microsoft launcher. best launcher for 2020.

Microsoft Launcher is unending adaptable. It offers an inherent news window, a gadget ‘rack,’ expandable dock alternatives, application symbol customization, and significantly more. It additionally offers profound incorporation with Microsoft’s administrations, for example, Skype.

Developer: Microsoft

Size: 37 MB

Requires Android: 4.2 and above

No. 2 Evie Launcher

Where numerous launchers offer a large number of customizations, there are additionally those who hope to offer an easier general experience. Evie Launcher is one such alternative, offering different decisions for application segments and the width of the application dock, yet very little else past. Not this is a shortcoming, a long way from it.

Evie launcher. best launcher for 2020.

The emphasis on straightforwardness implies this is probably the quickest launcher around, and among the least demanding to explore for the individuals who don’t wish to do a great deal of arrangement. It has a ground-breaking widespread pursuit work and offers some more profound changes for those ready to contribute the time.

Offered By: Evie Labs Inc.

Size: Varies with device

Requires Android: 4.4 and above

No. 3 Nova Launcher

If there is something you need to change with Nova, the odds are that you can, from movement paces to the dispersing of gadgets and home screens, it feels as if there is nothing past its forces. Nova is a fantastic decision for most; however, it sparkles in the hands of the individuals who recognize what they are doing. There is a Pro paid-for alternative. However, several people securely ignored it.

Nova launcher. best launcher for 2020.

Offered By: TeslaCoil Software

Size: Varies with device

Requires Android: Varies with device

No. 4 Launcher 10

Launcher 10 is the best take Android can offer on the exceptional ‘Metro’ interface. It is offered by Windows Phone, a mosaic of tiles that is client adaptable. Even though it doesn’t offer any of the ‘dynamic’ usefulness of the more established Windows Phone structure, it is as yet a professional contribution without breaking a sweat of utilization and no limited quantity of sentimentality.

Launcher10. best launcher for 2020.

While it might best be left to those with Lumia dreams, it is additionally a fascinating decision for those searching for something somewhat unique in relation to standard Android. 

Offered By: nfwebdev

Size: 14 MB

Requires Android: 4.1 and up

No. 5 BlackBerry Launcher

It isn’t simply Windows Phone which is missed. There are likewise in excess of a couple among the all-inclusive community. They have all-around affection for Blackberry gadgets. BlackBerry Launcher, directly from BlackBerry itself, imitates the look and great usefulness of said handsets.

blackberry launcher. best launcher for 2020.

Furthermore offers some fascinating advancements. These incorporate the Blackberry Hub, a coordinated station for the entirety of your interchanges. Furthermore, swipe able gadgets, show up when a good application symbol swipe on, offering moment access to data without occupying a room on the home screen.

Offered By: BlackBerry Limited

Size: 18 MB

Requires Android: 5.0 and above

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