ColorOS Hidden Features and Tips n Tricks

ColorOS is a mobile operating system designed by Oppo to operate their mobile. There are some features of ColorOS which are people do not know anything. This features is called hidden features. This hidden features are explain in detail as following:

Adjust Display Size

With the help of ColorOS you can change the display size of our text, picture and other elements in various interface. To change the display size:

  1. Just go to Settings
  2. Click Display and Brightness
  3. Now you can change the display size of your Android mobile phone.

Customize Icons Shapes

You can customize the icons which are show in Home Screen accordingly your wish.

Night-Shield Feature

Some people can’t know about the invert color. This is the best features of ColorOS. With the help of this feature you can change your mobile display to negative. It means that you turn white into black and black into white etc. By this the strain on eyes became reducing. We can use this feature with the help of following features. Just go to Settings >Click Display and Brightness >Click Night Shield >Click on Enable >Now select the ‘Comfortable Night-time reading’

Private Safe

ColorOS provide a privacy feature to our user. Traditionally user use password, pins etc. for our privacy which are easily hack by hackers. But now it provide the fingerprint facility to our user which help the user more and more encryption. 

Remove Game Space Icon

Some user like to keep neat and clean our home screen. In these case game space is create difficulty to him. This icon is remove from home screen by following steps:

>Just go to settings

>Click Game Space

>Click Game Space on Home Screen

>Then, turn on ‘disable Game Space on home screen’.

App lock

ColorOS also provide with total subscription the app lock facility to our user. To activate this facility the user do following steps: Just go to settings >Click Privacy Password setting >Now click App Lock option >Then, select the app which you want to lock >Tap Password and verify it >Click okay. Now your app will be locked.

coloros applock feature

>Just go to settings

>Click Privacy Password setting

>Now click App Lock option

>Then, select the app which you want to lock

>Tap password and verify it

>Click okay. Now your app will be locked.

Rotate without Auto-rotate

Traditionally to rotate the screen we need to on the auto-rotate option. But now by shaking mobile we can rotate the screen.

Video editor

ColorOS provide a best feature to their users of video editing. By using this feature the user not need to downloading app of video editing. You can edit your videos without any third-party video editor apps.

Dark mode

By using the feature of Dark mode it turn the user interface dark. By using this feature you see that all system has a dark theme. To use this feature the steps are:

coloros 7 dark mode feature

>Just go to settings

>Click Display settings

>Click Dark Mode option

>Now you can see the effect.

Smart Sidebar

It is a multitasking feature of ColorOS which help to quickly access with apps. It help to switch between apps, transfer file from one place to another, sending or replying massages or taking screenshots during playing games.

If you want these feature please make sure that your Oppo or Realme mobile is running on latest ColorOS 7. If you have any question related to this article then please leave a comment in the comment section below.