DishTV: An info about Direct to Home service

DishTV is a private company which provides DTH (direct to home) service all over India. It is a satellite television industry which was founded on 2 October, 2003. The founder of it was Mr. Jawahar Goel. After it launched the company decided to not provide service to urban areas because they already have television satellites available. It decides to provide services to rural areas who can’t have television satellite services available. It got 350,000 subscribers in two years. It creates its personal website on which all the information of it available is

On 11 November, 2016 the BOD (Board of directors) of DishTV merged with Videocon d2h and created an entity which is called Dish TV Videocon Limited. In this Dish TV take 55.4% mager holding and remaining by Videocon d2h. By this merger it got millions of subscribers.

It provides Zing digital, DishTV and d2h as our brands. Zing digital is a main subsidiary of Dish TV which provides at a sufficient cost to access South India’s regional channels.


·       Best picture quality: It provides you a best quality picture screen to watch your serial, show or movies etc. It means it provides full clarity of the picture screen.   

·       Best sound quality: With a best picture quality, it also provides the best sound quality means full clarity in sound.

·       Provide channels at free of cost: It provides some channels at a free of cost. Yes, it is right. It provides some channels on which it can’t charge any type of cost.

·       Choice of channels: You can choose a channel which you like to watch. This is the best feature of it.

·       Social welfare: When it is launched, its main object is to provide service to rural areas. It causes the development of India because these rural areas get proper knowledge of current affairs. So, it causes social welfare.

·       On demand service: It provides on demand service. It means by using its website or calling it, a user can watch as he wants.

·       Better organization: It is a one of the better organizations which provide direct to home service.  

·       Entertainment: It is the best source of Entertainment. A user can watch as he wants like movies, shows, serials or cartoons etc.

·       Pay for only those channels which you watch: It is the best feature of DishTV. A user can choose a channel and pay for only those channels which he wishes to watch.

Plans and Channel Packages of DishTV

Serial no. Categories Channels Rate Time
  1. Bharat combo 30 channel & service 160/- Monthly
  2. Bharat cricket 191 channel & service 170/- Monthly
3.   Swagat   180 channel & service 225/- Monthly
  4. Hindi Premium 239 channel & service 237/- Monthly
5. Punjab Ka Apna Pack   236 channel & service 238/- Monthly
6. HP Ka Apna Pack   236 channel & service 238/- Monthly
7. Super family 197 channel & service 277/- Monthly
8. Super Sports    225 channel & service 387/- Monthly
9. Titanium    240 channel & service 460/- Monthly

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