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Google Pay vs PhonPe vs PayTM, Which is better?

The Monetization was implemented by the Government of India on 8 November 2016.  Only after this, digital payments were promoted in India. Due to which there has been a significant increase in UPI transactions.  Nearly 10 million+ UPI transactions have taken place in the last 3 years.  Most of these transactions are with Google Pay, PhonPe and PayTM.  So today in this article you will read about these three apps Goole Pay, PhonePe and PayTM and know which company is offering more good.


Paytm is the wunderkind of One97 Communication Ltd. Vijay Shekhar Sharma showcased it in 2010. Beginning functionalities included bill installment for versatile, DTH administration, and online buy. From that point forward, Paytm has developed as a modern, versatile installment application with a recorded 250M+ clients in the negligible degree of 8 years and a power limit of 5000 exchanges for each second. PayTM also offers banking services you can open a savings bank account in PayTM. You can also get a ATM cum Debit card same as other bank offer. PayTM offers zero service charge on its banking services. You can also do shopping on PayTM./


  • Bank Account: Users can open a savings PayTM bank account.
  • E-wallet: Secure e-wallet approved by RBI.
  • Transaction limit: 1 Lac for wallet and 1 Lac+ for UPI bank move
  • Utilities: Payments bank, ticket booking-flight, train, transport and film, UPI Payments, and so forth.
  • PayTM Bank: Offer savings bank account with ATM/Debit Card.
  • Availability: Android, iOS and Web

Google Pay

Google introduced its first computerized installment application in 2017, established on NPCI’s UPI stage. Initially marked as Tez, Google Pay rebranded the application. It was also a moment hit among the Indian clients with 8.5M establishments. In a record time of 40 days, 30M exchanges performed. As per Sajith Sivanandan (Managing Director and Business Head) at Google Play, “The organization’s development has significantly increased as far as month to month dynamic clients and are at 67M month to month dynamic clients as of September 2019.” Google Pay is also offers zero banking charge on its payment service.


  • Utilities: UPI installments, Bill installments telephone, DTH administration, gas, ticket booking-train, transport, flight, and so forth.
  • Transaction Limit: More than Rs 1 Lac.
  • Availability: Android and iOS


PhonePe was caused by previous Flipkart workers Sameer Nigam and Rahul Chari in 2015. In August 2016, PhonePe was the first Android application giving UPI based client administrations. In 3 months, the application indicated a record-breaking download crossing 10M clients. PhonePe additionally hit the 50M identification on the Google Play store quickly. A knockout and about was experienced in January 2017 with blockage from ICICI bank and Airtel for infringement of NPCI guidelines. This brought about a shutting procedure on Flipkart also. This lawful accomplishment also settled in February 2017.


  • Utilities: UPI installments, Bill installments telephone, DTH administration, gas, ticket booking-train, transport, flight, and so forth.
  • Transaction Limit: More than Rs 1 Lac
  • Availability: Android, iOS and Web


If seen, all three companies Google Pay, PhonePe and PayTM are offering good.  If you need a complete package, you can go with Paytm as Paytm is currently offering banking services, savings bank account, ATM cum debit card and shopping.  Out of these three, PayTM offers the most services and due to which PayTM is at the forefront of this race. But if you want a neat and clean service which is fast and secure, then you can also go with Google Pay.

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