Here is how to use multiple signatures in Gmail

Here is how to use multiple signatures in Gmail

Gmail is a Webmail which is available in 105 languages. It is free e-mail services provider which is created by Paul Buchheit developed by Google LLC. It is launched in April 1, 2004. It is compulsory to register on Gmail to enjoy the all features of Gmail. It is connected with our mobile number and without mobile number we can’t register on Gmail. It play an important role in the economy. It provide various types of features to our users like chatting, sharing images, videos, documents or files etc. But we can’t we able to share a folder on Gmail.

Gmail also provide the facility to our user to add our signatures on our e-mail. This features is today commonly used by every person in the world. But the demerit of it is that, it allow one a time only single signature not more than that, which is not possible in each case. But now it is not as such, we can enjoy on multiple signature on a single e-mail. Yes, it is right. It can possible to add multiple signature on a single e-mail.

This new feature is allow to user to add multiple signature on e-mail in different situation to different recipient. It is now only available on web, but earlier it is also available on Android smartphones. All the steps to add signature are simple which are explain as following:

  • Go to Settings on the right corner of the web.
  • Click on Gmail settings.
  • Click on general settings.
  • Click on Add multiple signature.
  • Now, click on save change.

When you send a new e-mail or reply an existing e-mail then you see a new icon like other icons Gallery or attachment. By clicking this icon you see a number of signatures. You can choose any of them and use it.


Google has announced our best feature to our users of multiple signature adding on a single e-mail. It take some time or some days to start on Android smartphones but it is available on web page of Gmail.

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