How to change Facebook Page Name

Few years later, it is not possible to change Facebook page name. But now, it is very easy to change Facebook page names. Yes, it is right. Facebook allows our users to change their page name now. 

How to change Facebook page name?

Keep in mind here that you can change your page name, but it doesn’t change your username. It does not have any effect on your username. 

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Some people do not know how to change our Facebook page name. It is very easy to change Facebook page names. To change Facebook page name, you just need to follow these steps:

  • Go to your Facebook page. 
  • Click on the ‘More’ option or on three dots. 
  • Select Edit Page. 
  • Select Page info. 
  • Click on ‘Edit page name.’ 
  • Enter a new name. 
  • Click on Continue. 
  • Click on the ‘Request change’ option. 

What type of Page name is allowed by Facebook? 

Page name plays a very important role because it defines a page accurately. But, only admin or authorized representatives change a page name for a brand, place, organization, or public figure etc. 

A Page name can’t include

At the time of changing a Facebook page name, you need to fulfill the below guidelines so that a page is accepted by Facebook.

   • Terms and conditions which abuse someone’s rights: There are no terms and conditions on the page which abuse someone’s rights. 

    • If the page is not an official page: If a page is not an official page, but you create it as an official page, then it no longer works. 

   • Improper Capitalization: Improper capitalization means there should not be all capital letters except acronyms. 

   • Symbols and unnecessary punctuations: There should not be any use symbol and any punctuations. 

   • Description and slogans: There is no need to add slogans and any type of description. 

    • No verification of the word “Facebook”: No need to explain the word “Facebook” because it describes itself. 

Page name can’t consist only of: 

   • Generic words

It must be representing an organization and their topics. For e.g., Pizza. 

   • Generic geographic location 

The page is representing the organization. It describes a Generic geographic location, as well. For e.g., Domain Pizza- its office.


It is very easy now to change a Facebook page. With the help of these above steps, you can easily change a Facebook page. At the time of changing the page, you take in mind the above guidelines.

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