How to Lock & Protect WhatsApp Data?

No doubt, due to the development of new technology, our life has become very easy. But it creates many threats also. You use social media apps to connect with the public and with your friends, which is also helpful in sharing and chatting. But here, a big threat comes into force i.e., hackers. 

Yes, hackers are such people who hack your data. It leaks out your privacy. This same threat is also at the time of using WhatsApp. So, to prevent our users, WhatsApp provides more security to our users. 

A user wants to secure at the time of using WhatsApp in two ways i.e., To prevent our personal WhatsApp ID and To prevent our personal chat. These both ways are explained in detail as follows: 

To prevent our personal WhatsApp ID

WhatsApp provides only OTP to open a WhatsApp ID. It is not difficult for a user to use your personal WhatsApp Id on our mobile phone. Because a person accesses your OTP very easily from your mobile phone. Don’t worry. It is very easy by following these steps to prevent your personal WhatsApp ID: 

  • Go to WhatsApp settings. 
  • Click on Account. 
  • Click on Two steps verification. 
  • Click on Enable. 
  • Create 6 digits strong passwords. 
  • Verify password.
  • Enter e-mail for recovery. (You can skip this part also)
  • Click on done. 

Now when you reinstall your WhatsApp, it requires these passwords. Without it, you aren’t able to start WhatsApp. And also, not another person knows this password and is not able to start your WhatsApp. 

To prevent your personal chat from someone. 

Some people want to hide our personal chats from someone. Then a person does this by downloading an app, i.e., ‘Locker for WhatsApp chat’. By using this app, you can hide our personal chats with someone. It is easy to use and understand. To use this app, you just need to follow these steps: 

  • Download an app from Google Play store, i.e. ‘Locker for WhatsApp chat.’ 
  • Open this app. 
  • Create a strong password. 
  • Verify password. 
  • Enter e-mail. (If you want you can skip it)
  • Click on Add. 
  • Select a person in which you want to hide a chat. 
  • Click on done. 

Now a person’s chat is hidden. It is open only by entering a password. 

How to lock WhatsApp?

Above both, the steps are helpful to prevent your chat and your Id. But if a person wants to lock WhatsApp fully. He can do this by downloading any app from Google play store. 

But if you download an app, it covers your storage. The problem of storage is faced by every person. In case your mobile phone storage is less. Then, in this case, it is not possible to lock WhatsApp by downloading an app. 

Now, in the latest version (it means at updating WhatsApp), you can lock your WhatsApp. Yes, it is right. By updating WhatsApp, you can lock your WhatsApp and not need to download an app to lock WhatsApp. To lock WhatsApp simply follow these steps: 

  • Go to WhatsApp settings
  • Click on Account. 
  • Click on Privacy. 
  • Scroll down below the screen and select a fingerprint password. 
  • Now attach your finger. 
  • Verify it.  
  • Enter recovery password. 
  • Click on done. 

Now, whenever you open WhatsApp, it requires you to open a fingerprint that you attach. 


The privacy of every person is a must. Every person wants to protect our data for many reasons. Same in WhatsApp to protect our data, a person needs to lock it. It is very easy to lock WhatsApp. With the help of the above steps, you can easily lock and protect our WhatsApp. 

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