How to make Minecraft Run Faster?

Today we live in a modern world where you lose all the older things, e.g., Games. A few years later, everyone played games manually. But nowadays with the introduction of new technology, these games are played electronically through mobile phones, computers, laptops or games software. 

Minecraft is one of them. It is one type of sandbox video game player developed by Mojang Studios and created by Markus Persson and Jens Bergensten. It was first released on 18 November 2011. It is a video game that played in both modes, single-player as well as multiplayer. Generally, a video player has one way only, but it provides both the method, which is a great feature, and the facility of it. It is the best-selling video product gamer of all time. It accesses on all the platforms like on windows, OS X or Linux, etc. Millions of the subscribers monthly active this service. 

Minecraft is a video game player. Everyone wants to enjoy playing Minecraft. For enjoyment as it became compulsory that Minecraft run fast. No doubt, Minecraft runs fast, but on some PCs, a person faces difficulty due to lag. So, there are plenty of ways which reduce delay and make Minecraft run faster. 

So, without wasting time here, methods are explained, which help to run fast to Minecraft. After following the steps below, you can see yourself at the speed of Minecraft. These methods are teaching in three parts. You need to follow all the parts step by step to make Minecraft run faster. These steps are explaining in detail as below: 

Part 1. Tweaking Minecraft video setting

In the first part, you need to change some settings of Minecraft. It means you need to tweak Minecraft video settings. For this, you need to follow simple below steps:

  1. Open Minecraft. 
  2. Press ESC while in-game. 
  3. Select “Options.”
  4. Click on the “video settings” menu option in Minecraft.
  5. A dialogue box appears on the screen, Turn off “Graphics” to Fast. 
  6. Lower the “Render Distance” up to 8 chunks. 
  7. Turn off “Clouds” too fast. 
  8. Turn off “Particles.”
  9. Turn off “Entity Shadows.” 
  10. Turn on “VBOs” if you have a graphics card. 
  11. Turn off “Smooth Lighting.”
  12. Change the Minecraft game resolution. 

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Part 2. Optimizing your computer:

After completing the first part, now to continue, a person needs to follow the second part in which you need to optimize your computer. For optimizing your computer, you need to follow below steps further:

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + ESC to open Task manager. 
  2. Save all the open documents or files, if any, have. 
  3. Click on “End task” below the screen on the right side to stop the background running programs. 
  4. If you use a PC, connect your PC to a power source, if your PC has a lower power. 
  5. Update your Minecraft launcher to the latest version. 
  6. Install the latest drivers for your graphics card. 
  7. Install the OptFine Mod. 
  8. Consider upgrading your computer. 

Part 3. Improving Minecraft Performance

After following the above steps, you need to process further. It is the last part in which you need to make some changes. To complete this part, you need to follow the below steps:

  1. Free up some space in your device. 
  2. Reset your device. 

Now, you see Minecraft run faster. The speed of Minecraft is more than your previous use. You can use and enjoy the high rate of Minecraft. 


Minecraft is a video game player. If it runs fast, the enjoyment of a person becomes more at the time of playing video games. No doubt, Minecraft provides at high speed, but sometimes due to lag, your device works slow, and due to these, Minecraft also does not work at high speed. So, there are various ways to run your device faster. One of them is explaining above, and you need to follow step by step to get better speed.   

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