iOS 13 Hidden Features that You Don’t Know

iOS is formally iPhone mobile operating system which is developed by Apple Inc. It plays an important role in providing power to Apple’s iPhone and iPad Touch. It is the 2nd best operating system after the Android mobile phones operating system. It was initially released on 29 June, 2007. And Recently this operating system is updated on 28 January, 2020. Its marketing target is to provide power to smartphones, tablets, computers and portable media players. It provides our users with a facility of 40 languages. All the updating and information of this operating system is available on Apple’s official website that is

iOS 13 Hidden Features that You Don't Know

Hidden Features of iOS Operating System:

There are some features of iOS 13 operating system which are explain as follows:

Silence unknown callers

This is the best feature of iOS 13 operating system. By using this feature, you can protect yourself from all the spam calls from unknown users. To use this feature:

1.   Go to settings.

2.   Click on Phones.

3.   Now select the ‘Silence unknown callers’ option.

Download large apps on mobile data

You can download large apps which is more than 200MB by on mobile data by following this steps:

1.   Go to settings.

2.   Click on iTunes and App store.

3.   In the Mobile Data section tap ‘App Download’.

4.   If you select Always allow, you can download all apps on mobile data. On the other hand if you select always ask then before downloading an app put to you question, how you want to download the app.

Dual SIM support for Facetime and iMessage

Before iOS 13 users could be linked with Facetime and iMessage only by single SIM. But now it is not like that. Now, users can get benefit of this feature which provides a user a facility to link with Facetime and iMessage by Dual SIM. Yes, it is right. Now, by both the SIM user can connect with both Facetime and iMessage.

Automatically close Safari tabs

Sometimes people forget to close Safari tabs, but now by this feature you can automatically close safari tabs. To automatically close safari tabs following steps are followed:

1.   Go to settings.

2.   Click on Safari.

3.   Now select the ‘close tabs’ option.

4.   Select any of ‘After one day, after one week or after one month’.

Use iPhone or iPad with mouse

Yes, it is right. You can connect your iPhone or iPad with a mouse. But it can’t connect directly. For this, you need a Bluetooth mouse because it can’t require a dongle. To connect mouse with iPhone or iPad follow this steps:

1.   Go to settings.

2.   Click on Accessibility.

3.   Click on the ‘Touch’ option.

4.   Click on the ‘Assistive Touch’ option.

5.   Select device.

6.   Select Bluetooth device.

Lyrics synced with Apple Music

If you use the app Apple Music and listen to songs on it. Then, it is very easy to Lyrics synced. Simple tap a song on full screen and tap on Lyrics. Now, you see Lyrics synced with the song.

Low data mode

Now you can save user mobile data by using this feature. By applying this feature apps reduce data usages. To use this feature the steps are:

1.   Go to settings.

2.   Click on Mobile Data.

3.   Select mobile data option.

4.   Enable low data mode.


iOS is an operating system which provides power to your mobile phone to work smartly. Time to time Apple Inc. updates this system and it provides users new advantages. To use the new feature of iOS operating system there is no need to buy out new mobile smartphones. You can use it by updating your mobile phone. No doubt, some features are used only by buying a new mobile smartphone.

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