iPhone: A Best popular smartphone with Best Featurs

With the passage of time, new things are coming into the world. Our old technology gets a face of new technology according to the needs of the people. It means time to time changes are coming into the world. These changes do not affect a particular sector, it affects all the sectors in the world. Same in the field of communication changes come into force.

No doubt, communication is a method of sharing views of one person with another person and also mobile phones are a method which help to provide fast communication. With new technology and a large competition in the country new things are coming into force. The live example of generation of iPhones:

Keypad Mobile-: Smartphones-: iPhones

Now the latest trend going on in the communication sector that is iPhones. Yes, now 75% of the market is captured by iPhones in the world.

iPhones are not a big deal as such. It is costly but it provides the best service to our customers. It is one type of brand which captured the industry.

It is developed by Apple Inc. iPhone mobile operating system is iOS. It was used in all the generations of it. The first generation came into force on June 29, 2007. It is one type of smartphone but it is also a brand. It provides a multi touch screen with a virtual keyboard. It has its personal website on which all the information and new updates are available that is www.apple.com/iphone.

Time to time new updates come into force. The first generation of iPhone was 3G and after this 3S, 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 6+, 6S, 7+ and 8+. Now the latest iPhone launch in the market is iPhone 11 pro. Yes, now the trend of iPhone 11 pro going on in the market. Every new update became an addition to the old one. It means the demerits of the old generation became the merits of the new generation. That’s how time to time generations come into force.

Nowadays everyone wants to use branded things. iPhones are one type of brand out of them. Today, out of 75% iPhones market, 50% is used by youth. The reason behind this reputation. Yes, it is right. Our youth thinks that if he used a brand then his reputation in society is very high which is reality today because this happened in society.

Best Features of iPhones

iPhone is a brand which is popular all over the world. It provides the best services to our users with its great features. Some of the features of iPhones are explain as following:-

Just a smartphone/Brand: It is just a brand. which means show off. It does not provide extra things to the user. It is the same as other Android smartphones.

Cost: iPhone cost is very high because it is a brand. A common man isn’t able to buy an iPhone because the cost is very high.

Memory: The memory of iPhones is very small. It doesn’t have a high memory. So,due to memory a user has suffered.

Ecosystem: It is a great feature of the iPhone. All the things at everywhere for everyone of your devices are available. It provides all available things to users. For e.g. if a person wants to save by writing a document then he is able to use notes.

Touch screen with virtual keyboard: It is one type of smartphone which provides a touch screen with a virtual keyboard. So,it is easy to write & type.

Updating software: Time to time updates are released on iPhone by Apple Inc. The updates came in its operating system. iPhone operating system is iOS which provides power to your iPhone.


iPhone is one type of smartphone. It is costly but it provides our best feature to our users. It is developed by Apple Inc. which due time to time updates in it. It is memory used by our youth

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