Jio TV App: What is, All App Information And Its 10 Best Features

Jio is one type of subsidiary of Reliance Industries which provide telecommunication as well as television services. It is one of the Indian companies. It was founded on 15 February, 2007 approx. 13 years ago. The founder of it is Mukesh Ambani. Its main headquarter is in Mumbai in India. It provides you a fixed line telephone, mobile telephone, wireless broadband, internet services and OTT service.

Along with this service it provides you television services as well. Yes, it is right. It provides you television service also on its app, the Jio TV app. All the information of this app is available on  

Jio TV is one type of application which is used by Jio TV users to enjoy our favorite channels. This app was founded on Mar 4, 2016 which provides services at free of cost till now. It means it does not charge any type of cost from its users.

In this app you can watch Live: Cricket, TV shows, News, Movies, Entertainment, Religion and more and more on. It provides these services in multiple languages. You can choose language as you want.  

Time to time new features come into this by updating this app. The last update of this app was on Mar 6, 2020.

The registration in this app is available only for Jio users. So, only the Jio user is registered under this app. It can’t possible for other users to enjoy this app.

Jio TV App What is, All App Information And Its 10 Best Features techtool360
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All information about Jio TV

Version 5.9.5
Updated on Mar 6, 2020
Updated size 11.48 MB
Offered by Reliance Corporate Limited
Released on May 4, 2016
Registration Compulsory
Languages Multiple
Service To Only to Jio user
Fees Free of Cost
Subscribers Millions

10 Best Features of Jio TV App:

Jio TV app provides over user as possible as best features at large quantum. Some of this features are explain as following:

1.  Only for the Jio users: Jio TV app is only available for Jio users. Yes, it is right. Jio TV app is only for Jio users. It means other users which do not use the SIM of the Jio company or which are not Jio users, those users can’t be able to get the benefits of this TV app.

2.  Multiple languages: Jio TV app is not provided in a single language. It provides multiple languages like Hindi, English, Punjabi, Tamil, and Guajarati etc. to our users.

3.  Free of cost: Jio TV app does not charge any fee for our services provided to our users. Yes, it is right. Jio TV app is available to our users at Free of cost.

4.  Registration required: To enjoy this app and get its best features a user is required to register. There is compulsory the user is a Jio user, only then he is able to register.

Jio TV App What is, All App Information And Its 10 Best Features techtool360
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5.  Best way of Entertainment: This app is the best way of entertainment. Because a person is able to listen to music, watch shows and watch movies etc. as he wants. It gives multiple choices to users. A user can choose according to our wish.  

6.  HD quality: It provides you with an HD quality video screen. HD quality means a full clarity video screen which is also encouraged to watch more and more.  

7.  Trading uploads: Time to time it updated this app. All the latest updates are available on this app. You can live watch all shows, news and movies etc. accordingly your wish.

8.  Sharing and Downloading: In this you can share a link of whichever you liked with your friends. You can also download a show which ever you want and then share and watch with our friends.

9.  Easy to use: There is no any completion on using this app. It is easy to use and easy to understand. A common man uses this app because there is no need to specialize.

10. Best viewing experience: This is a motive of this app to provide as possible as best viewing experience to our users. It provides best to best features to our users.


Jio TV is one application which provides only to Jio users. Other users are not able to get the benefit of this app. It is compulsory to register on this app through the Jio number. It is the best plan of Jio to encourage the capture of the market. This app is used by millions of subscribers. It provides the best features to our users as possible.  

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