Microsoft Build developer conference 2020 called off due to Coronavirus

Corona is a disease that is very badly affecting the health of people in the world. The Scientists have not yet found any treatment of this disease. This disease is increasing day by day. Many people are effected from this disease. Due to this, the government of India banned to go some places, so that to protect the people. Like the school of India are not open at 31st March. That’s way some event are postponed on which mass gathering of audience and media.

Same as the Microsoft Build developer conference 2020 held by Microsoft Company called off. Yes, it is right. The Microsoft Build is cancelled.

Microsoft build is annual conference program which is held by the Microsoft Company. This is firstly develop in September 2011. The objective is that to develop the Software engineer and Web developer using Windows, Microsoft Azure or other type of technologies. The most recent event was held in 6-8 May, 2019. And the expected that the next event should be held on 19-21 May, 2020 (approx.) which are now cancelled.

The event was held in large convention centre because more than 5000 participant are expected to participate in the event of Microsoft build which is held by Microsoft Company. All the latest information of Microsoft build is available on its personal website which is

The event held by Microsoft Build is very big and in this include all the gathers of Microsoft developer. But now it is cancelled due to health issues and safety of health. However the dates of events are not known but it is known as possible soon as. Now, only wait for the decision of Apple which are not spoken on WWDC yet. Only the Apple is left to speak on the discloser of our digital event.  

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