Microsoft Word: Meaning, Features, How to Insert & Delete a Page and How to create a duplicate document?

Word is also called MS word, which means Microsoft word. It is a program in which users can type and edit pictures or change font style etc. It provides our user also a facility to save our typed document. It is developed by Microsoft. Microsoft windows are its operating system, which helps to operate and provide power to it. 

It is one type of Microsoft office, but a user can buy it separately. It is one type of word processor which has a proprietary license. Like other word processors, it is also helpful to make documents, save documents, and share documents. 

Best Features of MS Word:

MS Word is very helpful in type and making a document. To make an attractive document, it provides as many features as possible to our users. Some of these features are explained as following in detail:

   • Change font style: It is a very good feature of the word. You can change your text style. It means size, language, style or color etc. 

   • Spelling & grammar checker: It helps to find out grammatical mistakes in your typed document. It not only finds grammatical mistakes but also checks the spelling of your typed words. If you type wrong spelling, then it marks a red line below the word. 

   • Speech recognition: It is the best feature of it. Speech recognition is one type of software with the help of you speaking, and automatically words are typed. It is easy to use and helpful to prepare fast documents if you type slowly. 

   • Insert picture in a document: To make a document more attractive, you can insert a picture in it. It is very easy to insert a picture in words. You can insert a picture from your gallery or from the internet also. 

   • Tables: To represent data, the best method is in tabulated form. The table is a combination of row and column. It makes a document more attractive. It is very easy to use and insert a table. After inserting a table, you can also edit and delete a row and column. 

   • Make Charts: You can make or insert a chart in the document also. It is a modern method of presentation. It is a very good feature of words and easy to use and understand. It does not create any type of difficulty for a common man. 

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How to Insert a Page in MS Word? 

Word provides a number of pages for typing a document. But some time by mistake, you skip a page or want to edit in our document. Then in such a case, you can insert a page and edit as you want. 

But now, a question arises: how to insert a page in words. Some people do not know how to insert pages in words. Don’t worry. Here, some steps are explained as following with the help of you can insert a page: 

  • Open Microsoft word. 
  • Open a document in which you want to insert a page. 
  • Put a crasser at the last of the page after which you want to insert a page. 
  • Click on insert. 
  • Click on the right side of the screen on the option ‘Blank page’. 
  • Now, a page is inserted. You can edit it as you want. 

How to Delete a Page in MS Word? 

Sometimes a user by mistake type wrong or edit wrong in our document. In this case, the user wants to delete a page. Then, he can do it. Yes, it is right. A user can delete a page in word. To delete a page in the word, the user just needs to follow these steps: 

  • Right-click on the page anywhere on the screen in which you want to delete. 
  • Press Ctrl+G. 
  • A dialogue box appears, enter a page number which you want to delete. 
  • Press Enter. 
  • Select close. 
  • Verify a page that you enter for delete. 
  • Press delete. 
  • Your selected page should be deleted now. 

How to create a duplicate document?

Sometimes a user wants to create a duplicate word document according to our desire. But now a question arises how to create a duplicate word document. Because some users do not know how to create a duplicate word. Here, some steps are explain as below with the help of you can create a duplicate word document: 

    1.    Open a word. 

    2.    Press Ctrl+O. 

    3.    A dialogue box appears on the screen, click on open. 

    4.    Select a document file which you want to create a duplicate document. 

    5.    Click on the down-arrow on the right side of the open option.

    6.    A number of choices appear on the screen. Select copy. 

    7.    Word opens a copy of the document. It is a duplicate copy. 

    8.    Save it. 

You are able now to create a duplicate word document. After save you can use it anytime.


MS Word is one type of processor which helps to type and make an attractive document. It provides the best features to our users. It is very easy to insert and delete a page in word. With the help of the above steps, a common man easily inserts and deletes a page.

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