Money on Mobile: How to Earn and Pay

Today in fast moving world, a person can earn money online and also pay money online. Today all manual working system is converted into online working system. In the complex society there is need to smart work. The mobile phones are help to us in doing smart work. There are some apps which are provide in mobile phones or we can download this apps also for online earning and online payment.

How to pay Money on Mobile

Today we live in a modern society. Day to day changes are come into society. To reduce the burden or better living in a complex society, various facility are provided to people. From that one is e-payment. It means that not like a traditional payment system today mostly payments are paid online on mobile. That is called online payment.

In traditional payment system, the people specially go to a place for payment. But now the person not need to go too specially to a place, at siting at a home or at another place we can pay. To reduce the work load of a person, now we can pay online.

In traditional payment system we can pay trough cash, credit card, debit card, ATM or cheque etc. But now by clicking online one button we can pay our payment.

The various types of apps are available for online payment like: Google Pay, Paytm or PhonePe etc.

How to earning Money on Mobile

Now, a person can earn money at home on mobile. Yes, you can earn money at online. There are some apps are available with the help of we can earn money like: Olymp Trade, Roz Dhan, Math Cash, Make Money, Google Opinion Rewards, TopQuiz or Helo etc.

For example, in Helo app we can earn money. For earning money we just need to uploading videos, watching videos and make our followers.