MS Paint: How to make the Eraser Bigger in MS Paint?

Paint, which is also called MS Paint which means Microsoft Paint. It is a modern method to paint on your PC. It is one of the attractive ways for a child to paint. Not only children, although various people use it. It is the best way to show talent. It is also called Paintbrush, which is developed by Microsoft. Initially, it was released in 2004, including all the windows versions. It is one type of raster graphics editor.

No doubt, MS Paint provides various types of useful features to you. But some of its features are hidden. E.g., the size of an eraser. It shows the size of the eraser is minimal. But you can make the eraser bigger in MS Paint. Yes, it is right. It would be best if you pressed the hidden key combination to make the eraser bigger.

Now a question arises which key combination follows to make the size of the key bigger. You know it is a straightforward process. If you don’t know how to make the bigger size of the eraser, you can follow the steps below to make the bigger size of the eraser. These steps are explained below in detail.

Preparing for make bigger size of eraser:

1. Open MS Paint in your PC windows.

2. A new window appears on the screen, Paint something in it.

3. Go to the Toolbar.

4. Select the “Home” tab menu in the toolbar.

5. Select the Eraser tool in the home menu.

For further process, choose any one method from below and follow the below steps to bigger the size of eraser:

Method 1. Use the Size button:

It is a method that works in your window. If you use this method, it would change the size of the eraser but not so large. To use this method, follow the below steps:

6. Click on the size button on the home menu.  

7. Select a more significant dark line.

8. Now, you see, the size of the eraser is more prominent than before.

Method 2. Press Ctrl + Plus and minus (+/-) keys together:

If the size of the eraser is not sufficient by using the first method, then you can use this method. But these methods can’t work on laptops because they can’t have a numeric keyboard. But it works on your computer. To use this method, you need to press:

Ctrl + Plus and Minus (+/-) keys together

Method 3. On-screen keyboard:

These methods work in all the windows of your PC and computers. It is effortless to use this method. There is no numeric keyboard in a laptop, but using these methods allows you to make the bigger size of the eraser. To use these methods, you need to follow below steps:

6. Go to the search menu on your PC.

7. Enter the On-screen keyboard.

8. An On-screen keyboard shows on the screen, click on the “Option” button.

9. A new dialogue box appears on the screen, click on the numeric keyboard.

11. Click on ok.

12. Press Ctrl then Plus (+) on the screen, not once again and again.

13. Then click on Backspace.

14. Now your size of eraser would be enormous. To increase the size of the eraser, press it again and again.


MS Paint provides you with the best features. When you use an eraser, you see the size of the eraser is petite. MS Paint delivers an element of large size of an eraser, but for this, you need to press the key combination. If you don’t know how to do it, you need to follow the above steps, which explain in detail as above. 

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