Netflix Check all Monthly and Yearly Subscription price/plan in India

An Introduction to Netflix

Netflix has introduced the cheapest plan for Indian mobile users, putting an end to the speculation that has been surfacing for the past several months. Netflix has introduced a monthly plan for mobile users, which costs Rs 199. At this price, customers will get SD quality and can be used on a single screen. In other words, Netflix can be used on a single phone under the Rs 199 plan. The company has named this plan Go-Mobile. This mobile plan can be used on smartphones and tablets. Also, let us tell you that under this plan you will not be able to watch videos on TV by casting screens. Netflix, Hot Star and Amazon Prime Video will now be fiercely contested, as Amazon Prime is available at a monthly price of Rs 129 and Hotstar is available for Rs 199.

Let me tell you that last week, Netflix had said in a statement that after the testing of the last several months, the company has decided to introduce a low-cost plan for mobile users, which will benefit millions of users in India. Significantly, Lock and key is scheduled to release on February 7. Apart from this, many shows are queuing up on Netflix. In such a situation, it is expected that the company will launch its cheap plans for mobile users by next month.

Netflix’s good news for Indian customers

The company has made a drastic change in its subscription plan. Netflix on Wednesday launched its new subscription offer plan in India. This subscription plan is offered by the company only for mobile users. Premium video streaming company Netflix has introduced a Rs 199 ‘Mobile only’ plan to woo Indian users amidst competition from Amazon Prime Video and other local players. Please inform me that this is the cheapest plan ever. Netflix, which provides video content, has been testing mobile only plans in India for the past several months. Not only this, the company has also restructured its 3 existing plans.

Netflix Check all Monthly and Yearly Subscription price/plan in India
Netflix Official website plan page screenshot

Netflix’s Rs 199 monthly plan for India users, Only plan introduced in India

Please tell me that Ajay Arora, Director (Product Innovation) of Netflix said that Indians spend 30 percent of their time on entertainment. Compared to other countries of the world, more people watch content on mobile phones in India. India has more Netflix service on mobile phones than any other country in the world. At the same time, a monthly plan of Rs 199 has been made for India.

Director (Product Innovation) Ajay Arora said that the company has tested similar mobile only plans in some other markets. But it has just been announced to be introduced only in India. Earlier, Netflix’s cheapest plan was Rs 450 per month, in which the user gets the facility to watch the show in SD resolution on a single screen. Through the new plan, the company wants to raise more subscribers in India’s Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities. It will work on both Android and iOS devices but users will be able to use it on only one device. In this plan, users will be able to stream video of standard quality (about 480 pixels). Not only this, the user will not get the facility to mirror and cast content in the plan.

What are the current plans?

Please be aware that Rs. 199 The new plan will be for mobile only. While you can tell that at the moment, you can use the Netflix plans, on mobile as well as on desktop. Currently, there are plans for Rs 500, Rs 650 and Rs 800 every month. Netflix had said in March that it is working on a plan of Rs 250 per month, in this plan, videos can only be seen on mobile. This will enable the company to compete with other less subscription platforms such as Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, Alt Balaji and Zee5.

Netflix Yearly Subscription Plan Price in India

Currently, Netflix is not offering yearly or half yearly subscription plan in India or in any other country in World. But if you want you can pay full year price of any plan multiple its monthly plan price with 12. Like mobile monthly plan is priced at Rs 199, for this plan you can pay 199×12= Rs 2388 for a year.

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