Netflix Lowers Video Quality in India to Reduce Network Stress amid Pandemic

Netflix is an app which provides a service for watching TV shows or movies etc. It provides all brief details to our subscribers. This app is offered by Netflix Inc. which was released on Jan 6, 2016. No doubt, there is a need for a subscription (need to register) and it charges some fee from our user to watch shows or movies etc. Time to time updating is coming in this app. Last updated this app is on Mar 19, 2020.

The new update of it is to reduce the video quality on the demand of industry only for 30 days so that it reduces the mobile network traffic and increases the internet service in the world. The aim behind that is to provide more internet service to more people to be aware about the disease that is Coronavirus. In other words to reduce network traffic on Netflix app and increase internet service to aware people about Coronavirus pandemic.  

Netflix Lowers Video Quality in India to Reduce Network Stress amid Pandemic

If there is any subscriber or user which pays for Netflix service it also affects that. It means those users still only have access to HD and 4K.

Netflix decided to reduce traffic upto 25% according to promises in Europe and also this move was taken on last Friday.

In Europe there are larger players which help Netflix to have less video quality. In India to reduce video there is only Netflix which is the main motive of mobile phones. Only Netflix is a biggest network in India which reduces network traffic in India and fulfills the motive of industry.   

So, the purpose of Netflix is to reduce the network traffic and increase the internet service aimed at pandemic.     

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