Netflix New Monthly Plan @₹5 only? Check Now!

Netflix is now offering its new plan for just ₹5 only. Yes you read it right. But there is a catch. Netflix has withdrawn its ongoing free first month plan for new users. New users now can watch Netflix for the first month for ₹5 instead of free first month.

netflix new plan at Rs. 5

Netflix is a one type of website and application on which people can watch videos, movies and shows etc. Netflix charges some subscription fee from users for a month. Before today Netflix was free for new users for the first month but from now, Netflix charges Rs. 5 for the first month for new users.

This offer is not available for all the users. Netflix is giving a new offer to the new users, the existing users are not able to get the benefit of this one. Even the new users lucky get this offer.  Here, the new users means the users which subscribe Netflix first time only they can get the benefit of this.

Netflix is a platform of new features which help in the entertainment of the people. It plays an important role in the life of the people.This is a new marketing strategy idea of promoting its OTT services, which is designed to discover more people in Netflix. Netflix provides many plans to our new as well as existing users. Users can choose any of the Netflix plans which is suitable to him accordingly for their needs like Rs 199 mobile plan, Rs 499 plan, Rs 649 and Rs. 799 plans etc. Also, the features of subscription are available according to plan.

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