PUBG Mobile Update: Top Five Features That Are Expecting in the Year 2020

What a year it has been for versatile gaming, particularly PUBG. It is absolutely true that there is no one ‘to compete with PUBG Mobile. Many multiplayer games like ‘Fortnite:Mobile’ and ‘Call of Duty:Mobile’ came up to compete against PUBG Mobile, but no game could compete with PUBG Mobile Game. This game fits the dialogue of Bollywood in which it was said that “Only the name is enough”.


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In the year 2019, this game broke all the records of downloading apps from Google Play Store. The game has ascended to acclaim by getting one of the most downloaded rounds of 2019. It has amazing competitions, new options, and updates to the game itself, and the well-known game likewise experienced a stage where it faced restrictions in specific locales.  Everyday Tencent Gaming keeps updating PUBG mobile, so that the popularity of PUBG Mobile continues.

There is a portion of the forthcoming highlights that we are hoping to land on PUBG Mobile.  At the age of 2020, we, without a doubt, have enormous desires from PUBG Mobile. Today we are posting down some energizing highlights as required to hit the game in 2020.

PUBG Mobile Update: Top Five Features That Are Expecting in the Year 2020


We were one of the first to report this element some time back. A YouTube video demonstrating interactivity from a beta rendition of the Chinese variant of the game uncovered that the game engineers are taking a shot at adding automatons to the game. In contrast to Call of Duty, these automatons may be utilized for reconnaissance as opposed to chasing down foes.

Erangel 2.0 Map

An exceptionally anticipated update, Tencent Games had spoken about a redone form of the game’s most famous guide, Erangel. We’ve seen secrets and bits of gossip about the new guide coming to PUBG Mobile. Ideally, it will occur in 2020.

Partially Blind Mode

At the current year’s PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 Fall Split worldwide finals, Vincent Wang. And you can also meet another partially blind mode in the game in 2020. As per Wang, this new component would be an activity to extend the game to a more extensive crowd.

90Hz/120Hz Mode

We’ve seen telephones with 90Hz, and 120Hz refresh rate shows this year, yet tragically PUBG Mobile is as yet top at 60fps. It isn’t so natural to knock up the casings. Particularly since the game weighed down with a crowd of bugs. Yet, we have seen a screen capture from a specific form of the game affirming that a high casing rate mode is unquestionably in progress.

New Team Deathmatch Map

In the wake of including the new and energizing Ruins map on Team Deathmatch, we have heard bits of gossip about another guide that is being settled for the mode. As indicated by a report, the ice-palace which replaces the bringing forth island in the as of late included ‘Winter Mode’ could establish the framework of the new TDM map.

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