Refurbished Phones: Better to Buy or Not, A Complete Suggestion

Refurbished Phones: Better to Buy or Not, A Complete Suggestion

What does Refurbished phones mean?

A Refurbished phone means that mobile which is one hand mobile and return to company because of any fault and for resale purpose sent for repair. You can’t say all phones are Refurbished phones because some phones are returned by customers to retailers by change in their mind after signing the agreement. On the other hand, before reselling a Refurbished phone, the fault is cleared by the company. And after testing the Refurbished phone only then it resale to customers. Some sellers provide a strong power to Refurbished phones to replace the oldest version with a latest version. It helps to save a sufficient amount of money. It means it is less costly than actual prices prevailing in the market. 

Should you get a Refurbished phone?

Yes, you can buy Refurbished phones. You can buy a Refurbished phone that is almost as good as new. By this, you can get a certificate pre-owned which helps you to set any fault in the Refurbished phone in future.

Where to buy a Refurbished phone?

There are lots of networking sites and retailers from which you can buy Refurbished phones. If a user wants to buy a Refurbished phone online then he can buy it from networking sites and get a lot of discount on payment. On the other hand, if a user can buy it from a retailer then he won’t be able to get a discount on payment. You can buy a refurbished mobile from PayTM Mall website or You can buy from which is owned by Flipkart.

How much cheaper are Refurbished phones?

The cost of a Refurbished phone depends upon its new brand or new handset etc. But there is no doubt that it saves you significant money. It means you can buy it at a lower cost than actual price in the market.

What are better Refurbished phones or used phones?

If you buy a Refurbished phone then there is no doubt in your mind that there is no fault in the phone. On the other hand if you buy a used phone you cannot get any type of guarantee that there is no fault in the phone. So, it is better to buy a Refurbished phone, if you are thinking to buy a used mobile or phone.

Pros and Cons of Refurbished Phones:

It is a very big question which arises in the mind of every person whether to buy Refurbished phone or not. There are some pros and cons which help to take decision that you can buy refurbished phones or not which are explain as follows:

·        Mode of significant Savings: If you buy Refurbished phone it makes significant savings and you can buy a wishful brand. If it is not in the mind of you to get the latest handset or not.

·        Warranty: If you buy it from a good retailer or from a big retailer, you can get a warranty upto 12 months. So, in a year if any fault comes in your phone, you can set it at a free of cost which is really a good thing.

·        Original Charger and Data cable: Refurbished phones also include a charger or a data cable which is the original one. Original one means which comes from mobile handset brand.

·     Other Equipment: It is not guaranteed that you can get other equipment in a Refurbished phone. Other equipment like headphones or any other special item which exist in original packing of handset.

·        New packaging of phone: You can’t get a new packaging of a new phone. Because it comes in a plain box or in a networking brand. So, you can’t get a feeling of a new phone but it is better if you want to save your money.


Today every person wants that he can use the big brand’s(like iPhone/Samsung/OnePlus) mobile in their life. But for this he needs enough money to spend on a brand. Refurbished phones are methods with the help of you use branded phones and save sufficient amounts of money. You can also get guarantee for 12 months, and set any fault at free of cost.  

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