Steam Account: What is it, How to create an account, How to reset it and How to delete it[2020]

Day by day, technology became fast. There is an introduction to new things. One of them is a Steam account. Some people do not know what it is and how to use it. But on the other hand, some people use it but don’t know how to reset its password and delete Steam account. Here is a full explanation for all the users about steam accounts explained below in detail.

Steam is one type of social networking service and video streaming services. It is developed by Valve. It was initially released on September 12, 2003. It is one of the great platforms. It is available to users in 28 languages which is a great facility to use. A user can select any language which is easily understood by him. 

Steam is one type of video game service. In which you can enjoy video games and also share with friends. It is a digital distribution service. It helps users to download and update games. You can play games with your friends also.

Best Hidden Features of Steam account: 

There are some hidden features of Steam which a user can’t know and can enjoy by users only after creating a steam account. These features are explained as follows: 

  • Common redistributable
  • Game notifications 
  • Game purchase (Microtransactions) 
  • Enhanced rich presence 
  • Stats and achievements 
  • Multiplayer 
  • Steam cloud 
  • Steam input 
  • Steam DRM
  • Steam error reporting 
  • Remote play 
  • User anticipation and ownership
  • Virtual reality 

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How to Create a Steam account? 

If a user has not created an account on Steam then to enjoy the great features of Steam, he can create our steam account. To create Steam account you just need to follow these steps which are explained as follows: 

  • Go to the personal website of Steam i.e.
  • Click on Join Steam. 
  • Click on Create Account.  
  • Fill the required information. 
  • Create a strong password. 
  • Verify your account through OTP (a one time password) on your email Id and your mobile number. 
  • Click on create account. 

How to Reset Steam password? 

Sometimes a person wants to change or reset our steam account password. He can do this. It is very easy to reset the steam password. But some people do not know how to reset the steam password. You just need to follow these steps which are explained as following to reset steam password: 

  • Open steam account. 
  • Go to settings. 
  • Select “Account” option. 
  • Select “change password”. 
  • A dialogue box appears, for verification enter your current password.
  • Click on Next. 
  • You will get an email with five digits code. Enter it on the appeared dialogue box. 
  • Enter a new strong password. 
  • Re-enter password for verification. 
  • Click on change. 
  • Click on Finish. 

Your password will be changed now, and you can get a confirmation message also. Now when you re-login, you need to enter this password. A message also sent to your email Id of changing password. 

How to Delete Steam Account? 

If a person wants to delete our Steam account, then he can delete our steam account. Yes, it is right. A person is able to delete our steam account. To delete a steam account, he just needs to request steam support. Steam support firstly verifies that you are the real owner of the account. It means you need to show proof of ownership. Then within 30 days, your account will be deleted. 

But here, remember a point that if you delete your account once after that, you can’t be able to re-use it. Also, you can play games before 30 days. 

Your account would be deleted within 30 days, but your sharing can’t be deleted. It means your personal information is deleted, but your posts in community areas are not deleted. For e.g. Your Comments on other posts. 


   • A user is able to access many accounts on one computer. But he can use only one at a single time. 

   • You can open your steam account at any place where you connect with the steam network. 

   • Multiple users can’t play simultaneously on Steam because it does not provide this facility. 


Steam is one type of video game service. In which you can enjoy video games and also share with friends. You can create a steam account and use its best feature if you want you can reset your password and delete your account.

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