Tata Sky Price and Packages for New Set-Top-Box, Check Here

Under the Diwali offer, Tata Sky had reduced the price of set-top boxes to Rs 300 for a limited time, but once again the SD (standard definition) and HD (high definition) set-top boxes were expensive before New Year 2020. Is done. Now let us provide you with information about how expensive Tata Sky’s set-top boxes were before the New Year 2020.

During the Diwali 2019, the Tata Sky set top box was available with Rs-1,099/- with SD, and HD set top box was available at the price of 1,199/-. After the festive offer is over, Tata Sky has again increased the price of the set-top box, that is, now the SD box will be available for Rs 1,399, and HD set top box rate available at price for Rs 1,499/-.

Direct to home company Tata Sky has cut the price of HD set-top boxes, giving gifts to its customers once again. Tata Sky’s HD set top box can now be purchased with Rs. 100 discount for just Rs 1,399. Earlier it was priced at Rs 1,499. The knowledge of this deduction is found through the company’s website.

However, customers will have to pay a separate amount for installation. Some of the DTH operators of Tata Sky with HD boxes are in demand so price is cut down. In the early days there was more demand so the Tata Sky Set top box as DTH operator company made the price cut down and reduced once again. After the deduction, Tata Sky’s set top box can be purchased for Rs 1399. Explain that the company has offered it as a special offer. The thing to note is that this offer does not provide information about how long it is valid.

Let us know that only last year Tata Sky launched its new service Tata Sky Binge Plus which is an Android set top box. Tata Sky Binz Plus users can watch satellite channels and OTT apps like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix through it due to the support of Android.

Tata Sky Price and Packages for New Set-Top-Box

You can buy the latest package of Tata Sky Binge Plus from Tata Sky official website www.tatasky.com and it is priced at Rs 5,999. For new subscribers of Tata Sky Binz get service for free with the cost Rs. 249/- the free service which is available for one month only. Tata Sky Binz, has provided subscription of Hotstar, Zee5 for free and who subscribes Amazon Prime’s membership is free for 3 months.

It is worth noting that earlier Tata Sky tried to please users by making changes in some of its plans. Tata Sky channel did some changes, removed old channels and added new channels with the same price available in Tata Sky. Tata Sky changes in packages available with cheap and expensive plans.

There are around 25 channels packages available in Tata Sky. It includes plans like Regional Pack Gujarati, Malayalam Family Sport HD, Tamil Family Kid Sport, Tamil Premium Sport English, Hindi Star, Hindi Star HD, Tamil Sport Pack, Telugu Pack, Telugu Sport Pack, Kannada Family Sport HD.

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Tata Sky 4k Set Top Box Price

The price of Tata Sky + HD STB (Tata Sky + HD STB Price) is Rs. 9,300/- Tata Sky 4K STB rate Available at the price  of Rs. 6,400/-. According to Telecom Talk, users have included an extra charge for installation charge with the new Tata Sky set-top box. Other DTH operators such as Airtel Digital TV and DishTV provide free channel packs for a month with a new connection.

Tata sky is not providing free service for new customers. This means Tata Sky users will have to opt for a channel pack to launch their new DTH service.

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