Telegram latest features; Poll 2.0, Quiz & More

Last year in 2019, Telegram had bring several attractive main function updates to its messaging platform app to compete with Whatsapp. Now in the year 2020, Telegram bring some other major updates to its platform. The latest news about these updates mostly concerns about the polling functions.

Telegram New Polls 2.0 feature

Now Polls in Telegram have access to the latest features as opening with display votes. With this availability, if you want, your friends, channel, or group audience can see who voted for which function. However, still, it has the function of generating unidentified polls. Another latest function for polls is to offer several answers. It helps you when you are planning a meetup. It will support in your attempt to figure out the suitable time slots.

Telegram New Quiz Mode in Polls 2.0

Quiz mode is last great update for the polls. It means that now you can easily choose the exact answer when you generate the poll. Even you can also see who gets it correct. You can also find all such abilities in the Bot API of Telegram. To describe the functions of quiz mode, the team introduced the Quiz Bot. It will permit users to generate several question quizzes. You can also accomplish it with the pictures and extra text to generate a full-blown test or examination.


Furthermore, the bot will record or trace how long users took to accomplish the test and how many exact answers they acquired. It will do all this by generating a worldwide ladder board as relying on the results. Beginners can customize the message bubble corner. It means that the users can easily maintain how round you like to see. Moreover, Android users now can also view real development counters to install and upload, as on iOS. You can find all these new updates in the Telegram version 5.14.

You can download latest Telegram version by clicking below link.

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