TikTok App Review The Most Popular and Usable App Especially By The Youth

TikTok is a social media app on which people can share videos. TikTok was launched in 2017 in China by Byte Dance. It provide for iOS and Android operating system. It allow to the user to create 3 to 15 seconds or 3 to 60 seconds short music video or short lopping video. This app is famous in India as well as Asia, United States and other parts of the world. It is the most downloaded app today. It is presented in 150 markets and available in 75 languages. It is one of the trending app which are very popular today.

TikTok App Review The Most Popular and Usable App Especially By The Youth
Developer Byte Dance
Initial release September 2016; 3 years ago
Stable release 15.0.4 / 1 March 2020
Operating system iOS, Android
Size 308.3 MB (iOS)
55.21 MB (Android)
Available in Languages  75 languages
Type Video sharing
License Proprietary software with Terms of Use
Alexa rank 588 (Global, January 2020)
Website https://tiktok.com

Features of TikTok:

  • Video Uploading: We can create and upload our videos on TikTok, but for this we have to compulsory register on TikTok. We can change the speed, rotate and crop the video while uploading.
  • Video Editing: Like other apps, we can also changes on TikTok like color of eye, hair and even makeup. There can also lot of sticker, animation and masks be added here.
TikTok App Review The Most Popular and Usable App Especially By The Youth
  • Live Streaming: Live Streaming means to make live video as like user live on Instagram. We can live stream while using the feature of TikTok, but for this we need to have 1000 followers on our Tick Talk.
  • Social sharing: Whatever video is made on TikTok, we can share it with our friends like and Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and WhatsApp etc.
  • Soundtracks: When creating a video on TikTok, the user can create the video by choosing their favourite songs or by built-in the song in the TikTok library.
  • Followers: The most trending feature of TikTok, is to make our followers on TikTok. Whichever video you like on TikTok, simply follow that person to view new uploads of her.
  • Like: Which video you like on TikTok, you can like that video by clicking the like button. For example as:
TikTok App Review The Most Popular and Usable App Especially By The Youth

How to register on TikTok:

To use the features of TikTok it is compulsory to register under TikTok especially for uploading video. To register under TikTok following steps to be followed:

  1. Install TikTok.
  2. Click on New registration.
  3. Enter your Name.
  4. Enter your mobile Number.
  5. Now for verification OTP send on your mobile number verify it.
  6. Click okay.

Now use enjoy TikTok with its best features.

Side effects of TikTok:

TikTok is totally effect on the mind of our youth. It fully control the mind of our youth, they can’t think about our future. They only spend more and more time on it. It is just wastage of time. Our youth not learn from it anything. It spoil the future of our youth. 99% people use the TikTok today. If the user can’t popular and if there followers can’t increase then some people goes to dispersion. And to increase our followers, the people should do how many things. It not develop any type of skill in people, it simply attach with mobile phones.

Also this app is not made in India, this is made in china. So it increase the publicity of china also. It destroy the future of India. All type of such apps are made in china only.

Now it became a fashion, to upload videos on TikTok. Not our youth even the teenager also upload videos on TikTok to become famous. They demand our parent’s mobile phones at teenager stage that is good for them.  By this, they can’t focus on our study, they just making videos and upload it.

It also side effect on the health of the people especially on the eyesight. Because of this the people can’t any interest in play games. They just focus on mobile phone. Today our all the playgrounds are free, on this TikTok play one of the major role. 

Now need to awareness among the people to focus on our study not in such type of things and also government need to take steps to stoppage approval on such apps. So, that protect the future of our youth.

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