Voter ID Card: What is it and How to apply for it?

You know that in India’s federal government system. It means that there are dual systems of government in India. Both the Central and State governments control the expenditure and revenue and make policy for the development of the public. This dual system is controlled by The President of India. All decisions are taken for the welfare of society by The President of India. 

The selection of The President of India is in the hand of Indian people. Yes, it is right. The Indian people have the right to choose our President. They give our precious votes and on the basis of that vote, which person gets more votes that person is selected as The President of India.

But to give our precious votes the citizens of India need a Voter Id card. Without Voter Id they aren’t able to give their precious decision about the selection of The President of India. Also, Voter Id is a proof of a person of citizen of India. A person who is Resident of India only to that person the Voter Id card issue. So, Voter Id card is an identity of a person who is resident of India and an adult who reached at the age 18. It is an identity proof of citizenship which is issued by the Election Commission of India.

How to apply for a Voter ID Card?

Now, a question arises: how to apply for a Voter ID card? Some people do not know how to apply for Voter ID cards. It is very easy to understand how to apply for a Voter ID card. You are able to apply for Voter ID cards online as well as offline. You are able to apply for Voter ID card online because the Election commission of India allows you to apply online. There are some steps that are explained with the help of you applying for Voter ID card. These steps are explained in detail as follows. You need to follow this steps by step by step and you are able to able for Voter Id card:

1.  Go to the website

Voter Id Card What is it and How to apply for it Homepage

2.  To apply for a new Voter ID card firstly you need to register or login on the website. If you have already created then login by that otherwise register as a new user.

3.  To register as a new user, fill the details.

4.  After registration or login go to Home.

5.  Click on the option on ‘Forms’.

6.  Select a Form 6. (Form will appear in two languages Hindi and English, select a language which is suitable to you).

7.  Fill the required details in the form.

8.  Click on Submit.

9.  Your application would submit successfully. 

Important Document Needed

There is a need to submit compulsory three documents which are explained as follows. Without this you aren’t able to apply for a new Voter Id card.

·       Proof of identity.

·       Proof of address.

·       Photograph.


A person is eligible for apply for Voter ID card only when then a person is:

·       A citizen of India

·       At the age of 18 years

·       And have a Permanent Address.

Verification of a Voter ID:

It is very easy to verify your voter ID. For verification of a voter id you need to follow this steps:

·       Go to Search in the Electoral Roll.

·       A form will appear on the screen, filling the required details.

Voter Id Card What is it and How to apply for it

·       Click on the Search option.

·       Now you are able to verify your form.

Any Correction:

If you get any mistake in your form and you want to correct that mistake you need to fill Form number 8. In these make corrections and click on the submit button. Your mistake should be rectified.

What to do if you have not received Voter ID 

Sometimes a user is not able to get the Voter ID. In that case they need to follow the instructions as explain as following:

·       Visit the nearest election office or the CEO official website.

·       Enter your reference number and details that you received while submitting form 6.

·       Select ‘Track Status’.

·       You will see the updated status of your application.

·       If there are any discrepancies in receiving your voter ID, you can physically visit the state election office and rectify things.

Uses of Voter ID

·       It is a your proof of identity.

·       It is a your proof of permanent address.

·       Voter ID Card is an acknowledgement that the cardholder is a registered voter.

·       Voter ID has several personal identification features such as the cardholder’s signature & photograph.

·       The Voter ID card can be utilised to avail certain government schemes.


It is very easy to apply online for a Voter ID. It is a proof of your identity. But it is issued only to citizens of India. It provides power to vote for selection of government to the citizens of India. It is issued to a person at the age of 18 years.

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